Welcome to Pizza Club!

If you're here, it's because you've been the lucky recipient of a gifted Pizza Club membership. Here's some info about getting started.

  • You can start your membership from as soon as you receive your activation code (written on your gift card), up until the expiry date shown (3 months after purchase). 

  • When you start your membership, you'll get to enter your delivery address, select your first pizza kit and pick your preferred delivery day - Wednesday or Fridays.

  • Your membership has been prepaid by your gift giver for the number of shipments shown on your gift card. You can select whether you'd like to receive these shipments weekly, fortnightly or monthly - but no matter your choice, you'll receive the number of shipments shown.

  • Each shipment contains 1 pizza kit which makes 2 pizzas. If you have been gifted a Pizza Lovers membership, you'll also receive a set of 2 vouchers for pizzas in store along with every pizza kit.

  • After setting up your membership, you'll need to create an account at the LOGIN section of our website, so that you can manage your future delivery dates and kit selections. 

  • You'll be asked to enter some card details when starting your membership below. No charges will be made to this card in this transaction, nor during your prepaid shipments. After your prepaid membership has finished, you can choose to continue your Pizza Club membership (which will be billed to the card entered at sign up) or you can cancel - there are no spooky T&Cs or obligation to stay! We are working on improving this, but we're afraid we can't currently alert you when the prepaid part of your membership has finished, so you may wish to set yourself a calendar reminder to ensure you don't have any unexpected charges to your card once your prepaid membership has finished. 


Select which membership type you've been gifted. Make your selections and head to checkout. Look for the box marked 'Gift card or discount code' - enter you activation code here!

If you need any help, get in touch on 

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