Is your pizza gluten free?

Our pizza dough is not gluten friendly, it is something we are working hard on and hope to have ready soon!

How much is delivery?

Weekday shipping is £5 and Saturday shipping is £10. 

When will my order arrive?

Once your order has been shipped you should receive a confirmed shipping email with a DPD tracking number, you can then track your kit through DPD on their app. 

Can I combine two orders?

Unfortunately we are unable to do this at the moment, but we are working on it! Feel free to place two separate orders until then.

Can I change my address?

After placing your order, if you need to change the shipping address please contact to see if it is possible to amend. Please not that once your label has been printed, it might not be possible.

Is the kit vegetarian?

The frying pan pizza kit is suitable for vegetarians!

The Fior Di Latte cheese is suitable for vegetarians but we recommend omitting using the Parmesan cheese as it is made using animal rennet, the parmesan is also not halal friendly. 

What is the kit's shelf life?

On receiving, we recommend you refrigerate the dough, sauce and cheeses immediately. The kit has 1 day shelf life on delivery, this is largely dictated by the Fior Di Latte cheese, to optimise freshness and quality. 

The date I want to select isn't available!

If your date you'd like your kit to arrive isn't available it will mean 1 of 2 things. 

1. We've sold out of slots for that date, sorry! Please select another date. 

2. We haven't released that date yet, we are currently releasing days in batches of 7!

I'm trying to check out but I'm seeing an error message?

You might be seeing an error message as you have more than 1 kit in your basket. We are currently unable to ship more than 1 kit per order due to shipping limitations. If you'd like more than one kit, please place another order or get in touch with us via email to see if we can do a bulk order for you.

My postcode doesn't work!

We are only able to ship to mainland UK, Wales and parts of Ireland and Scotland. This is due to shipping limitations with our delivery provider and to ensure that products are not in transit for too long. 

Where is my order? 

Once your order has been shipped you should receive a confirmed shipping email with a DPD tracking number, you can then track your kit through DPD. If you have not yet received a shipping confirmation email, we are still working on getting your kit to you! If your kit should have reached you by now but hasn’t, drop us a line at letting us know and we’ll look into it for you.

Can I add a gift message to my pizza kit?

We are working on getting gift messages added to kits properly, in the meantime, we might be able to pop a little 'note' on the shipping label, nothing fancy but does the job! Drop us a line if you'd like do add one :)

How does the kit stay fresh during transport?

Each kit is packed the day that DPD picks it up. It is packed with an ice pack and in a woolcool bag to help the products stay nice and chilled.

Can I get my order delivered on X, it’s my birthday!?

We are working hard to get out as many kits as possible as fast as we can! If you have selected a certain day for delivery, you should receive your kit on that day. If you have preordered, unfortunately we cannot guarantee a date for you.  

Where can I see nutritional and allergen information?

Find out more on our ingredients page here.

I want to order more than 5 kits/I'm looking to order 100 kits for a pizza party/do you do bulk orders?

Hey three questions we can answer in one! Drop us a line at to see what we can do.