planet pilgrims

Packaging is one of the most complex problems facing the food industry (and the planet) today. We've tried our best to make our packaging as sustainable as possible and we continue to work tirelessly on new innovations every day. Excitingly, we will soon be in a place where every piece of our kit is kerbside recyclable. 

In the meantime, here's how to responsibly reuse, recycle or dispose of it all. Thank you for playing your part in making Planet Pilgrims as eco-friendly as possible. 

Wool liner: free returns for reuse, or put on your compost heap (minus the plastic wrap) or in your general waste bin

Green mailer bag, wool liner plastic wrap & ice packs: recycle at larger supermarkets

Plastic ingredients pots: reuse then recycle at home 

Cardboard pizza boxes, green pot trays & flyers: recycle at home

wool liner

Return: Once you've accumulated at least 4 liners, you can head to WoolCool's website to print a free, postage paid returns label and send it back to them for reuse. Pretty cool! 

Reuse: Keep your next picnic or park beers cool in transit, use as stuffing for a craft project or for shielding your veg patch from frost and slugs. 

Dispose: Remove the plastic wrapper and pop the sheep's wool on your home compost heap, or put it in your general waste bin (where it will biodegrade in landfill). Some local authorities will accept it in your garden waste collection, but you'll need to check with them first. As for the plastic wrap - this can be recycled in larger supermarkets (more info below).       

Technical info: Made from natural sheep's wool with an MDPE (4) plastic wrap

Green mailer bag, wool liner plastic wrap & ice packs

Reuse: Keep your next picnic or park beers cool in transit. Our green mailers bags can be reused if you remove the postage labels and tape them up securely. 

Recycle: Unfortunately, this stretchy type of plastic isn't widely collected for kerbside recycling yet, but you can take it to larger supermarkets for recycling - find a local collection point here. Our icepacks are water-based so safe to empty down your kitchen sink.

Technical info: Mailer bag and ice packs made from LDPE (4) plastic; wool liner plastic wrap made from MDPE (4) plastic 

Plastic ingredients pots

Reuse: Dishwasher, freezer and microwave safe, and suitable for hot and cold food. Reuse them for leftovers as much as you can! 

Recycle: The pots are widely recycled kerbside, so put them in your usual plastics recycling stream at home (remember to rinse them out first). If your local authority don't accept plastic recycling, you can usually access recycling banks at larger supermarkets -find a location here.  

Technical info: Made from PP (5) plastic 

Cardboard pizza boxes, green pot trays & flyers

Reuse: Feeling arty? Take part in our #pizzaboxart movement and use your box as a canvas for greatness. Check out some inspo here.

Recycle: These are all made from typical paper and card and widely recycled kerbside, so put them in your usual recycling stream at home. If you have put your cooked pizza into the pizza box, remember that sticky, greasy or wet card and paper cannot be recycled - so be sure to cut off any bits that are visibly grubby and put these in your main waste bin.  

Technical info: Made from responsibly sourced cardboard & paper